Sillunu Oru Kadhal – Best Romatic and Entertaining Colors Tamil Program

Sillunu Oru Kadhal is best entertaining and Most Romantic Colors Tamil Program Presented by Tamildhool official 

On Ragsan’s big day

Ragini considers her childhood, friends.

ragini is a basic girls. she was raised in Banaras. She alongside her two companions chose to have an affection marriage. Anyway she isn’t so effective. Her dad (shekar) masterminds her union with sanskar against her. The first occasion when they see their accomplices during the wedding day.Both look bleak during the wedding because of clear reasons.

After six years in Delhi they have a 5 year old little girl swara (ruhanika dhawan)/shona and live as a cheerful wedded couple.sanskar fills in as the main repairman at an auto organization and ragini in a private firm. In consistently couples invest some important energy.

One day sanskar met an individual while he going to shopping with ragini. After that he recalls his past (implies old sanskar).Next day he chides ragini for a harms her profoundly. She attempt to keep away from sanskar yet its finishes with their sentiment… .

for a brief period he goes to New York.During this time, ragini runs over sanskar’s old school diary. Sanskar needed to be an architect from youthful age and constrained his uncle(ram in swaragini) to pay for a seat in Mumbai for Mechanical Engineering. From the second year of school he is the don. In the school he is pulled in to Swara, (sanskar calls her as shona) whose father (DP) is a government official. Sanskar and Swara experience passionate feelings for and they share an exceptional bond.And they chose to get married.At enlistment center’s office after sanskar fill swara’s temple and tied knot, DP and his man beat him up, isolating the sweethearts and sending swara off to Australia .Toward the finish of the journal Sanskar composes a note:”If I have one wish,it would be to live with swara cheerfully at any rate for one day.”

Sanskar gets back from New York and finds ragini maintains a strategic distance from him and works late at her harms sanskar without a doubt. Our little swara sort their issues and sanskar said that: on the off chance that you are irate with me ,sold me what you need to do yo can however please dont stay away from me.”

She tracks down Sanskar’s lost love Swara, who had recently gotten back from Australia. Swara has become an advanced young lady as opposed to the shy salwar kameez young lady she was in school. Ragini requests that Swara visit them and she discloses to her better half that he should live cheerfully with Swara for a day and that for that one day, she and their little girl don’t exist for him.

However, the arrival of swara breaks sanskar without a doubt and now ragini knows his past and ragini with our little swara leaves sanskar and swara for a day.

That day Sanskar goes through with Swara, ragini envisions them to make some great memories and in the long run fall head over heels in love for one another once more. At the point when she gets back home, fearing, she discovers her better half alone at home. She gets some information about his day with swara, and he gives her a letter written to ragini from swara. In it, Swara says that inside five minutes of addressing him, Sanskar referenced ‘Ragini’ so often that she understood that he adored his significant other without question and is driving an extremely glad life. She wishes two or three a glad life and leaves, never to return.

Eventually, Sanskar admits that he has covered up the mystery of adoring somebody so Ragini doesn’t get injured as any young lady wouldn’t bear her better half’s adoration being shared. Be that as it may, in contrast to other people, Ragini has brought the young lady her better half cherished to satisfy him. They at that point cry in bliss and embrace one another while Diwali firecrackers bloom. Their girl Swara likewise goes along with them toward the end and the film closes with a cheerful family observing Diwali!

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