Roja – Best Romantic, Thriller Sun TV Serial

Roja – Best Romantic, Thriller Sun TV Serial at Tamildhool

The scene begins with Annapoorna says that Anu and Roja both adult together that is the reason Anu wishes to welcome Roja first. She has every one of the great characteristics of Shenbagam. Anu says to her that Manickam educated her that today is a decent day so she will give a greeting from today. Yasodha says to Anu that Arjun and Roja never offer regard to her however she is showing her acceptable side to them. Anu gives the solicitation to Roja and welcomes her for her birthday. Roja acknowledges it. Anu addresses her Would she say she is knows for what reason did she welcome her first? Anu says to her that numerous people are welcoming them for work however none is going to Roja. Since she is a vagrant.

Anu prods Roja for being a parentless youngster. She begins embarrassing her highlighting her experience. Kalpana stops her. Annapoorna addresses her for what reason did she halting Anu Would she say she isn’t said right? Kalpana answers to her that Roja has the world’s best spouse and best Mother by marriage. Annapoorna remarks that Anu didn’t lie about her folks. Kalpana requests that Annapoorna quit supporting Anu. She will lament one day for harming one young lady with words. She says to her that she is regarding her a ton. Assuming she sins this way, one day she will wind up thinking twice about it.

Anu says to Kalpana that Roja will envious to see her cutting the cake. Kalpana answers to her that she is acting without humankind. She requests that Annapoorna quit inciting Anu against Roja its bad to see. Annapoorna requests that Kalpana quit supporting Roja. She is simply Arjun’s significant other for what reason should she offer regard to her for that. Kalpana says to her that she can’t ready to talk in such circumstance. Annapoorna affronts Roja as vagrant. Kalpana says to her that one day she will lament in the event that she comes to realize who is Roja’s folks.

Kalpana about say who is Roja’s folks Arjun applauds to stop her. Arjun grievances that everybody used to affront Roja here. Arjun says to Anu that Roja’s name ought to be in the greeting rather than her name. Arjun requests that Roja quit weeping for the worthless individuals. Annapoorna addresses Arjun how is he going to manage her? Arjun says to Anu that she is in Roja’s place. Stone is in jewel place. One day everybody going to lament when everybody realizing who is Roja. Arjun challenges them that Roja going to cut the cake not her. Yasodha prods him that Roja can cut separate one. Arjun tosses the greeting all over and leaves from that point subsequent to notice her.

Aswin serves food to Purushothaman’s family. Aswin makes reference to him as uncle. He requests that he notice as sir. Aswin requests that he say how is the taste? Purushothaman requests that they say reality whom cooked it? Aswin says to him that he cooked everything. Purushotham objections that Rich individual can’t ready to cook this much delectable. Purushothaman protests that somebody helped him. Anu deny it and Prema as well. Purushotham requests that he eat on floor thinking Annapoorna treated him in that manner. Pooja says to him in the event that cop comes to know it, they will capture him.

Kalpana appeals to god and feels passionate pondering Anu’s conduct. Arjun addresses Kalpana where is Roja? She answers to him that Anu has accomplished such a great deal today so Roja is crying in her space for that. She goes to God to assist Arjun with demonstrating Roja’s character to all. She can’t ready to see that Anu is harming Roja like this. On the off chance that Arjun didn’t stop her on schedule, she would have yaks all fact to them. Arjun says to Kalpana that he conversed with Chandrakantha. She is additionally looking for it. This time he would not like to demolish the chance and give a stun to all. Kalpana says to Arjun on the off chance that Roja’s character uncovers to all, Everybody begins to laud her and acknowledges her. Annapoorna will change like previously. She will abhor Anu deeply. Arjun answers to her that Anu going to be inside the prison for the homicide case. Roja hears everything.

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