Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam Upcoming Story

The scene begins with Archana requests that Sandhya compose who is Ravi’s #1 entertainer and entertainer? Adhi addresses Ravi who right? He answers to him how about we hear what’s Sandhya answer? Sandhya reminds one episode and compose Shivaji ganesan and Pathmini. Ravi clapps for them. Archana says to all that Saravanan cheerful face itself saying its right answer. Archana addresses them what’s the current bill rate in their home? Ravi gets some information about it? She answers as no. Archana says to her that Sandhya gives 3000rs. Answer however Saravanan gives 2960. Archana asks Sandhya to poures water on Saravanan. Archana offers to all that she feels glad to direct this programma. She express gratitude toward them for welcoming her its a decent stage to share their family bond. She reassures the less imprint people groups and prompts them assuming they invests some more energy, they can see one another. Archana express gratitude toward them and leaves. Anchor declares the outcomes to all. Kannamma and Soundarya are driving. Saravanan and Sandhya are at risk zone. She declares to all that next rivalry is assortment diversion.

Basically this is the Best Episode at Tamildhool in this episode Archana requests Sandhya to compromise.

Sandhya appologizes to Saravanan for pouring water on him for her off-base answer. Saravanan appologizes to her for his off-base answers. Sandhya says to him that they are as yet in peril zone. Saravanan says to her that we can do best in next rivalry. Saravanan says to her its better Sivagami left the retreat orelse she will cause a situation for pouring water on her. Adhi and Parvathy comes there and prodding Sandhya for being in last spot. Parvathy says to Sandhya that she has head weight since she is a position holder. Parvathy says to her its better to leave today at that point getting this name. Ravi admonishes Parvathy for talking nonsence. He sends them away subsequent to notice them. Ravi prompts them. Sandhya addresses Saravanan Would he say he is realize how to move? He answers to her that he used to move for sanctuary work.

Akhil acclaims Kannamma and Soundarya for furnishing right response for all inquiries. He says to them that they will win the opposition. Soundarya asks him to don’t celebrate before itself. Anjali offers to them all are saying this way. Soundarya addresses Kannamma even following 8 years she actually recollecting everything. Kannamma answers to her that they got some information about Soundarya at that point how might she stay calm. Soundarya says to her that she fears Kannamma will not offer response in the resentment on Bharathi. Soundarya values Kannamma. Venu feels glad for Soundarya. Soundarya offers to them that her fantasy worked out. Kannamma says to them that she didn’t done anything much she is thinking her as God. Akhil prods their enthusiastic bond. They are having acceptable family time. This is the way How Vijay TV Serial Presents the episode.

Venba is reproving God for supporting Kannamma in all things and disregarding her supplications. Venba gets bother seeing Kannamma wins the title. She hears Paarvathy’s supplication. Parvathy appeals to god to help her. She wishes to see Sandhya is kill from the show. On the off chance that she remains in her home, she will discover her falsehoods and uncover it to all. Venba and Parvathy presents one another and designs together to neutralize Sandhya and Venba. Akhil and Anjali are going through certain occasions with one another. Lakshmi says to Tulasi that she needs biriyani. She answers to her that she will get it for her. Lakshmi objections to her that she won’t swimming class thinking she has no swimming outfit. Soundarya hears everything. Venba feels disturb to see Bharathi isn’t responding to anything and stays here quiet. Venba is continue to incite him against Soundarya and Kannamma. Bharathi is tuning in to her. Kannamma sees them and gets stun to see Venba is inciting him against them. Kannamma misjudges that Venba is his better half. Kannamma reprimands Venba and leaves from that point.

Saravanan is rehearsing in sea shore. Bharathi comes there and chats with him. Saravanan says to him that he is rehearsing the means which Sandhya instructs to him. Bharathi values it. Saravanan requests that Bharathi quit referencing him as sir thinking he is ignorant. Bharathi answers to him that regard shouldn’t give for their position yet for their character. Saravanan offers to him that his significant other instructed one. Both are having easygoing talks. Bharathi wishes him best of luck for the opposition.

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