Raja Rani Best Romantic Tamil Serial

The scene begins with Sandhya says to Saravanan that Lakshmi helped them orelse they would have left with terrible name. As of now Sivagami is outrage on her imagine a scenario where she finds out about it. Saravanan requests that she leave this matter and focus on next rivalry. Sandhya answers to him that next rivalry is Cooking. She has zero information about it. Indeed, even she don’t have the foggiest idea about the distinction among Turmeric and coriender how might she cook tomorrow? Saravanan says to her nothing to stress he is there. Sandhya reminds he realized well how to cook. Both are examining with one another about essential cooking. Parvathy is frustrates with the new episode. She reviles Lakshmi for ruining all her arrangement. Adhi comes there and prods Parvathy. He addresses her doesn’t she thinking every one of her arrangements were slumped? Parvathy thinks how comes he read her brain? Adhi answers to her that she is his kin so he knew well about her. She was the one put the inquiry paper inside her sack. This as well as she is the purpose for Sandhya’s tingling while at the same time moving in front of an audience. Parvathy adulates him for discovering everything. He addresses her who is helping her out? She answers to him as Venba. She is a specialist however risky villi. Adhi requests that she think in most ideal manner that Lakshmi didn’t saw her face so think its better. He asks to her Would she say she is has some other arrangement? She answers to him that she will do nothing straightforwardly from this point forward.

Akhil carries Milk to Anjali. She asks to him Is he blended saffron in milk? He gestures. He addresses him for what reason did she request that he blend it in milk? She illuminates to him that everybody used to say assuming young ladies savor it pregnancy period, infant will be conceived white? Akhil grumblings imagine a scenario where infant brought into the world in dark tone. We need just sound infant. Anjali says to him that she thought well about shading segregation in our general public. Kannamma languished significantly over it. Akhil addresses her doesn’t she loathe Kannamma why did she changed abruptly? Anjali answers to her that she abhorred her before days not presently. She wishes to see Kannamma win the opposition. Just Sivagami family is giving intense rivalry to them. Akhil and Anjali goes through some quality occasions. Lakshmi meets Hema. She welcomes her and start a discussion with her. Hema offers chocolate to Lakshmi. She will not take it from her thinking her mother encouraged to her don’t take a single thing from outsiders. Hema says to her its for seniors not for us. Lakshmi begins eating the chocolate with her. Lakshmi lauds the vehicle so Hema has a good time with her. Both are appreciating the outing.

Bharathi is chastening his staff for regularly calling him without permitting him to take rest. He requests that he call another specialist. Venba addresses him Is he upbeat here? Bharathi answers to her he recently said that in stream. Try not to attempt to incite him utilizing this episode. Venba says to him that he is her companion so she wishes to see him in bliss. Venba addresses him will he turns upbeat if Kannamma win this opposition? He answers as not under any condition. Venba guarantees to him that Kannamma will not win. Hema requests that Kannamma instruct dance to her. Kannamma answers to her that she don’t have the foggiest idea how to move. Hema educates to her that she watched her dramatization. She requests Kannamma to clarify the subject from that show. Kannamma causes her to comprehend the subject of that show. Kannamma, Lakshmi and Tulasi are drinking juice. Lakshmi illuminates to Kannamma that she met Hema in hotel and went to ride with her. Kannamma reproves her for going out with stranger. Lakshmi says to her that Hema isn’t more interesting. She further says that she met Soundarya and Bharathi too there. Kannamma blows up subsequent to hearing it. She adds that everybody has cash yet not Kannamma. For what reason did she driving helpless life? She wishes to proceed with her group however mother will not permit her to go. Kannamma reprimands her so Lakshmi leaves from that point. Kannamma grumblings to Tulasi that Lakshmi aches for everything now. Tulasi says to her that she is kid. Tulasi encourages her to get Soundarya’s assistance to upbring Lakshmi. Kannamma deny it thinking she don’t wishes to misfortune her.

Lakshmi implores god for Kannamma’s wellbeing. She grumblings to god that he isn’t favoring them with cash that is the reason they are driving helpless life. She meets Bharathi there. He specifies her as loquacious young lady. She addresses him for what reason did god offer mouth to them? To converse with everybody right? Bharathi makes reference to her again as garrulous young lady. Lakshmi gives the prasad to him. He shows her how to do work out. Kannamma watches everything and aversions it. She reproves Lakshmi for going close with all. Lakshmi takes Kannamma to meet Bharathi yet he previously left from that point. Lakshmi objections that they missed to meet Bharathi in view of her. She offers prasad to her.

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