Sembaruthi – Akhila disappoints with Adhi

The episode starts with Purushothaman enquires to Akhila why did she arranged for new interview? Akhila informs to him that Zee Tamil channel wishes to take interview of her for Women’s day special. Everyone feels happy to hear it. Uma asks to Vanaja why is she so happy for this interview? Vanaja shares to her that she planned something big for them. She is eagerly waiting to attend the interview! Media peoples comes there in few minutes. She asks permission to Akhil to enter in? Akhil welcomes them. She again asks Akhila’s permission to start the interview.

Akhila gives a nod to her. She asks the camera man to set the camera. She gives introduction to camera and starts taking interview to them. She praises Akhila as ‘ Iron Lady’. She says infront of camera that she is here to take interview of Akhilandeshwari family. She questions Akhila who is her role model? Akhila shares to her that ‘ Velunachiyar’ is her favourite. She is her role model. Reasoning she likes Velunachiyar’s boldness and sharp mind too. She is very brave in everything. She praises her and clapps for her. Vanja makes faces to hear it.

Anchor asks to Vanaja who is her role model? Vanaja mentions ‘ Kattappa’ as her role model. Hearing his name everyone starts to laugh there! Anchor questions Vanja Is she refering “Bahubali” fame “Kattappa”. Vanaja nods proudly. Anchor asks her to say the reason behind it? Vanja says to her that everyone may mocks her for taking him as her role model. She liked Kattappa’s honesty. Everyone clapps for her thoughts.

Anchor teases her by saying Kattappa the one whom killed Bahubali! Vanaja defends Kattappa by saying he killed ‘Bahubali’ for his honesty towards ” Rajamatha”. Everyone laughs hearing it. Uma appreciates her. Anchor asks Aishwarya to say about her Role model? She says to her that Singer ‘Geetha’ is her role model. Vanaja teases Aishu by saying she is Ilayaraja’s daughter that’s why she likes Geetha. Anchor asks Parvathy to say who is her role model? Parvathy says to her that ‘mother’ is her role model.

Anchor praises her for mentioning mom there. She says that everyone’s mom is their role model. Parvathy deny it by saying she didn’t mentioned her mother whom gave birth to her. But Akhilandeswari. Anchor asks to Parvathy why did she take Akhila as her role model? Parvathy praises Akhila’s braveness. Her way of thinking and bold decisions too. Parvathy adds that not only she know to strict but also love others.

Akhila feels proud to hear it. Purushothaman signal to Akhila she smiles in return. Vanaja signals to Anchor to start her drama. She nods. Uma asks her what’s going on? She says to her something big is waiting. Anchor informs to them that she is going to conduct one small game. It will say who is in their heart? Anchor asks Purushothaman to show his purse. She checks it and finds his mother and Akhila’s pic in it. She praises him.

Akhila feels happy to see it and returns the purse to him. Anchor asks Arun to show his purse next? She notices Nayanthara pics in it. Everyone laughs for him. Aishu pinches him. Arun asks the anchor to stop creating rift in his family. He asks her to check the next one. Akhila and Aishu pics are in it. Akhila feels happy to see it. Anchor praises him. She asks Aadhi to show his wallet. She finds only Akhila’s pic in it. Vanaja thinks her plans flopped. Anchor questions Parvathy doesn’t she feel hurt to see it?

Parvathy informs to her not at all. She feels proud of her husband. She always thinks mom is first rest all next. Akhila feels proud of Parvathy. Singaram asks Adhi to show his chain doller to her. He asks him to prove his love on Parvathy. He shows it to them. Akhila feels disappoint to see it. Vanaja smirks seeing her reaction. anchor praises Adhi and wide up the show. She bids bye to all and leaves. Akhila gets hurt and leaves from there.

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