Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Best entertaining Zee Tamil Serial

Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Best entertaining Zee Tamil Serial at Tamildhool9.net

Today the scene starts with The police captures Muthurasan. Vennila begs the Police. The cop says that we take Muthurasan for cross examination. Muthurasan advises Vennila to stay silent. Vennila reminds unobtrusively. The police take Muthurasan to the police headquarters.

Karthik, Gowtham converse with the Legal counselor for Muthurasan’s bail. Vennila chooses to visit Muthurasan at the police headquarters. Kalai, Gowtham, Karthik stop Vennila. Vennila is resolved to take a gander at Muthurasan. Karthik stops Vennila and says that we are masterminding the bail, Muthurasan will come soon. Vennila cries. Kalai solaces Vennila.

Nilambari says that Muthurasan will not return. Vennila shouts horribly when Nilambari says that Muthurasan will not return. Karthik lashes out at Nilambari. Nilambari says you are on the whole undermining Swetha. Nilambari embarrasses Muthurasan. Karthik is angrily.

Nilambari talks for Swetha. Karthik advises Nilambari to talk well to Muthurasan. Karthik says he is your child don’t talk well to Swetha. Nilambari says I don’t care for anything in this home and heads inside. Vennila shouts horribly. Rudra, Karthik, Kalai comfort Vennila. Vennila says that I won’t eat anything until Muthurasan comes.

Karthik, Gowtham going to visit the Attorney for bail. The police explore Muthurasan. Muthurasan says Swetha is a con artist. She imagines and gets thali. Muthurasan says this is typical for me. Muthurasan says she imagines and shrouds some place don’t trust her. She will do anything. The police get a call from the higher position official. The police advise Muthurasan that this case will take over by new cop Saravan. The police say Saravan will be impolite.

Saravanan goes to the police headquarters and assumes responsibility. Muthurasan is sitting before Saravanan. Saravanan acts impolitely towards Muthurasan. He requests that he get up from the seat. Muthurasan says I’m not the guilty party. Muthurassan says the police bring for cross examination. Saravanan acts impolitely and advises him to get up. Saravanan takes a gander at the examination report and affirms that it is Swetha’s blood.

Saravanan gazes at Muthurasan. Rudra solaces Vennila. Vennila shouts awfully. Uthra takes a gander at Vennila and cries. Vennila solaces Udra and says that Muthruasan will come soon. Rudra faults Udra for Muthurasan’s capture. Rudra contends with Udra. Udra gets enthusiastic when Rudra faults her.

Saravanan begins the examination. Saravanan asks Muthurasan for what valid reason are you murdered Swetha. Muthurasan answers that I will not slaughter Swetha. Saravanan continues asking something very similar. Muthurasan gets tenses. Karthik, Gowtham go to the police headquarters. The police educate Saravanan about Karthik’s visit. Karthik acquaints himself with Saravanan.

Karthik says we came to get bail for Muthurasan. Saravanan talks impolitely to Muthurasan and he isn’t prepared to acknowledge the bail. He sends them back. Saravanan begins the examination. Saravanan asks something similar to Muthurasan. Saravanan disturbs Muthurasan. Muthurasan loses his quiet and advises him to asks something different. Saravanan asks Muthurasan where you shroud Swetha. Muthurasan gets tenses with Sarvanan demeanor.

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